Grand Valley Power Student of the Week

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This weeks Grand Valley Power Student of the Week is not used to failing. " I don't really go into anything hoping to get third or fourth," says Palisade High School Senior Bernadette Pitre. "I go for gold pretty much all the time. Anything less than that is not acceptable."
Pitre says she has pretty high standards. Its a good thing then that she finds school to be enjoyable and not a "chore."

Pitre says her favorite classes are physics and science. She wants to study to be a teacher at UNC and hopes to return to Palisade High School to teach.

Pitre plays basketball, volleyball and track. She is also the captain of each of these sports. She says should would love to play any of these sports in college but her one passion is basketball.

Being a student athlete, Pitre has to keep up on her grades. No problem here, Pitre keeps a 3.8 grade point average and is a member of the student council.

Teachers say she is a natural leader and has a bright future.

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