Renters Insurance is Important to Have

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Something Veronica Hernandez never thought she would need is renters insurance. Hernandez and her four children lost their home Tuesday to a fire, and in that fire they lost everything. Hernandez tells 11 News that her first financial priority was to supporting her children.

Carma Brown with Home Loan says renters insurance is very affordable and knows most people don't think of how important it is to have. Renters insurance costs depend on the contents being insured, but most of the time costs between $15.00 and $20.00.

Brown says the policy covers contents, loss of use and liability. In the case of a disaster like a fire, the insurance policy would pay for a lot of the things needed right away, like a place to stay.

Brown says it's important for the public to know how affordable renters insurance is and what it can do when disaster strikes.

Hernandez says in the future she'll be getting renters insurance in case another tragedy occurs.

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