Lead-Tainted Toys Prompt Senate Action

Testing a toy for lead content, using a razor blade to scrape up a sample of paint (AP (file))

Capitol Hill (AP) Congress wants to get the lead out of children's toys.

Both the house and senate are out to overhaul the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the agency that's supposed to ensure that toys and other products pose no hazard.

The senate could vote as early as today on a bill that would nearly double the agency's budget and increase its staff to nearly 500 people by 2013.

The measure would also ban lead from children's products and establish a publicly available database of heads-up information about toys. It would deal things like injuries, illnesses and deaths from consumer products and would be collected from such sources as hospitals and consumers.

The house passed its version last December.

President Bush has not threatened to veto either version. But The administration has expressed concern about some of the provisions dealing with enforcement, testing and new protection for whistleblowers.