FAA Reports Over a Hundred Badges are Missing

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Over 100 FAA safety inspector badges are missing.

They are one of the few forms of identification that give complete and unrestricted access to all airport facilities and airplanes.

The federal government insists it does its best to keep the traveling public safe and secure, but apparently dozens of federal inspectors failed to do that with their own credentials.

Over the past 5 years 112 FAA aviation inspector badges have been stolen or lost.

"The FAA badge, of all the badges, is probably the most dangerous of any other. With that badge you can get in the cockpit in flight,” former commercial pilot now private investigator Denny Kelly points out.

Those FAA badges can give a person free and uninterrupted access to nearly every secure area of an airport.

"The FAA allows you to not only get on one airline and through security, it allows you on any airline, any airplane, anyplace." says Kelly.

The FAA tells us it's concerned but insists the public is not in danger. Adding the agency is taking an aggressive stance to prevent the loss of those badges in the future.

More then 100 FAA credentials are now floating around unaccounted leaving travelers unsettled and uneasy.

"To think that anyone has access to a cockpit on a plane is particularly scary,” says Allison Bock, traveler.