Fuel Spill on I-70

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Hazardous materials crews are using dirt to keep 50 gallons of fuel contained on the side of Interstate 70, near mile marker 24, between Grand Junction and Fruita.

Authorities say a semi-truck carrying supplies from Idaho to several Western Slope oil rigs was driving eastbound on Interstate 70, when he hit a large metal pole that was laying in the middle of the road. They say the pole ruptured one of his tanks and fuel began spilling.

Colorado State Patrol says as soon as the driver noticed the fuel was leaking, he pulled over and called emergency crews. Troopers say the driver was HAZMAT trained and he began to make a barrier with the dirt on the side of the road to help contain the spill.

HAZMAT and fire fighting crews spent several hours controlling and cleaning up the mess. They say no fuel leaked into the Colorado River or a nearby private lake.

State troopers say the truck driver will not face any charges.

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