Rebate Checks Require Tax Return

If you do not normally file a tax return you are going to need to this year in order to get your rebate check from the U.S. Government.

The IRS and several of its partners in the free file alliance are now accepting returns submitted by those who don't normally file for free. To obtain a payment, all people eligible must file a tax return from the 2007 tax period.

To qualify individuals and families must have at least three thousand dollars of income from any combination of earned income, social security, or disability benefits.

You must earn less than $54,000 to qualify.

Individuals who normally file returns can also use the free file option. Taxpayers who normally file a tax return and want to use Free File, should simply go to the main Free File page and click 'Start Now' to see a list of the 19 companies offering free preparation and electronic filing to the IRS.

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