State Patrol Nabs 14 Suspected Illegals on Interstate 70

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Just after 11:30 this morning, State Troopers pulled over a white van along Interstate 70, which they say was weaving in the road and speeding. Troopers found fourteen people who they believe to be illegal immigrants.

State troopers say in addition to the number of people inside the van,
the fact that the van had more than 300,000 miles on it made them even more suspicious.

After investigating, they believe there's a good chance the ID cards the driver gave them were fake.

ICE officials arrived on scene about an hour after troopers made the stop.

The driver of the van and the front seat passenger, who authorities say told them he had also spent time driving the van, were handcuffed and placed inside state patrol vehicles.

Authorities say it was a precautionary move to make sure they didn't try to flee.

They say it's likely the passengers will be deported, and the two drivers will be charged with felonies.

Officials on scene could not tell us where the group was being taken once they left in the ICE vans.

State troopers say Interstate 70 is a major thoroughfare for human smuggling and as long as it continues, they'll continue making these stops.

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