FBI Arrests Oregon Doctor Wanted in Australia on Manslaughter Charges in 3 Patient Deaths

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Portland, Re. (AP) A surgeon wanted on manslaughter charges for the deaths of three patients in Australia has been arrested in Oregon.

A federal extradition hearing for Dr. Jayant Pael is slated for tomorrow, following his arrest at his Portland home yesterday.

Federal prosecutors say Patel “bungled surgeries with tragic results” in Australia. The list of alleged mistakes includes removing a healthy gland and leaving behind a cancerous one, tearing a patient's esophagus, and performing unnecessary surgery.

Patel had a spotty medical record in the United States before taking a position at an Australian hospital in 2003.

In medical school, Patel was cited for failing to examine some patients before operating on them. And the doctor was banned from practicing in Oregon in 2001 after state officials cited him for “gross or repeated acts of negligence.”