Red Cross Real Heroes

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Ray and Wilma Camren have lived in the valley for almost 20 years. All of those years they have been actively volunteering: from St. Mary's Blood Bank to Lion's Club and their local church.

The Camren's have seen many changes in Grand Junction in their 20 years. Some of those changes have nudged the married couple out of some of their volunteering duties. However, they say they still find things to do to help out.

Wilma is driving senior volunteers to and from school. She says her kids like to tease her about it, but its all in good fun. Ray just recently underwent a knee replacement, so he hasn't been up to speed he says. Besides helping with the blood bank, Ray is also a blood donor. He has the prestigious honor of being a 20 gallon donor.

Ray and Wilma say they plan to keep on volunteering for as long as they can.

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