Colorado Senator Proposes Fee I-70 Motorists

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Denver (AP) _ A state senator from Denver is proposing that Interstate 70 drivers be charged a toll during peak travel times.

Sen. Chris Romer has been soliciting ideas from the public online on how to end weekend traffic jams. he's combined those ideas with some of his own in a new draft bill he's floating.

Romer says he wants to hear back from the public before introducing the bill. He'll have to get approval from legislative leaders first since the session is more than halfway over.

The proposal would set up a pilot program to manage traffic on I-70 between Floyd Hill and the Eisenhower Tunnel. Officials would be able to designate one or all of the lanes of the highway as toll lanes. Cars holding three or more people wouldn't have to pay and trucks would be charged more than cars. Traffic could also be reversed in some lanes to ease congestion.

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