Grand Jury May Hear Evidence in Birgfeld Case

A Mesa County grand jury may hear evidence in the Paige Birgfeld case.

The mother of three has been missing for nearly nine months. Her father, Frank Birgfeld, told 11 News that prosecutors in the case say a grand jury has been seated and may hear the case by summer.

Frank Birgfeld says he got the call about the grand jury this morning, and says it's good news but it's just part of the process.

"I don't know that this means the other shoe is going to drop but it shows progress and we're certainly greatful for that."

The Birgfelds' say when the snow melts, they'll be hitting the streets again to look for their daughter.

The Mesa County Sheriff's Office says it has stopped searching but continues to pour through evidence and follow leads. Sheriff Hilkey declined to comment but says the investigation is still very active.

The last break came in October when investigators named Ralph Lester Jones as a suspect, but they have made no arrests.

Tonight on 11 News at 10pm, what this new development means for the investigation.

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