Former Senator Howard Metzenbaum Dies

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Washington (AP) -- A man who had a long career in the U.S. senate fighting big business has died.

Howard Metzenbaum, a proud liberal democrat, was 90 and died at his home in Florida.

Metzenbaum's feisty style on Capitol Hill earned him the nicknames “Senator No” and “Headline Howard” for his ability to block legislation and gain attention.

The Ohio democrat spent 18 years in congress fighting on behalf of workers against big oil companies, savings and loans and the insurance industry.

His filibusters and stall tactics were so successful that the threat of Metzenbaum opposition was often enough to win concessions.

The self-made millionaire and former labor lawyer and union lobbyist was a driving force behind the law requiring 60-day notice of plant closings. He also was proud of leading the fight to open two Cleveland Country Clubs to minorities.