Roan Rumbles

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The U.S. Department of the Interior releases a detail management plan for the Roan Plateau Thursday, a plan that has some officials voicing disappointment.

The plan places more than half of the plateau's federal land off limits to ground disturbance and restricts energy development to 350 acres at any one time.

The B.L.M. will require those leasing land to enter into a federal unit which will allow the B.L.M. to maintain strict control over how, when, and where development can take place. But Governor Ritter’s plan had called for phased leasing. A representative for Colorado’s B.L.M. says that it's plan is similar to Governor Ritter’s, with the main difference being that not as many areas of critical concern are outlined. But a representative for Senator Ken Salazar say its not good enough.

Communications Director of Colorado’s B.L.M. Steven Hall says, “Those are areas we are going to put extra protections on to prevent surface disturbance and do as much as we can to protect natural resources like wildlife." Senator Salazar’s Press Secretary Stephanie Valencia says, “they are not moving forward with the suggestions and that is what the senator is disappointed with today, and he believes that the decision is irresponsible and shortsighted because it disregards the input of the State of Colorado."

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