Soldier Returns Home For Some R&R

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Staff Sergeant Tom Moore arrived in Grand Junction today to more than 50 people waving flags and cheering. His mom and grandparents were there to greet him as well as his brother and other family members. And while this was a happy occasion, just six months ago Moore and the soldiers with him were feeling a bit down.

Moore decided to send a letter to an east coast newspaper asking it to spread the word that his soldiers could use a little mail to help boost morale. The letter went unanswered. So Moore emailed his mom the letter to ask her to proofread what he had said. His mom took the letter to the Beacon. The Beacon ran the letter and the letters started pouring in.

Moore said he was surprised at the amount of mail his email generated. The letters and packages helped boost morale and the spirits of his soldiers, said Moore. Moore returns to duty in just two short weeks. His mother says, "We'll plan on sending letters and will hope that the community helps support all of those troops."

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