Talks Under Way for Another Michigan Primary

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Lansing, Mich. (AP) Michigan democrats are close to an agreement with presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama on holding a do-over primary.

According to democratic sources, party officials and the campaigns negotiated Thursday with hopes an agreement can be reached Friday.

Any plan would require the approval of the two campaigns, the democratic national committee, state party leaders, and Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm who is a Clinton supporter.

The contest must be held by June 10th for the results to count under DNC rules.

The national party stripped Michigan and Florida of all their delegates for moving up their primaries before February 5th. The two states have been struggling to come up with alternative plans to ensure their delegates are seated at the national convention this summer in Denver.

Florida democrats are proposing a vote-by-mail presidential primary while acknowledging the plan's chances are slim.

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