Indiana Man Jailed, Accused of Forcing Daughter to Kill Pet Cat

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Muncie, Ind. (AP) An Indiana father is behind bars for allegedly forcing his seven-year-old daughter to kill the family's cat.

The cat, named boots, was stabbed to death last sunday.

According to the arrest affadavit, said he wanted his children to “learn how to kill.”

Police say Collins gave his son the knife first, but the 11-year-old boy hid the cat and put ketchup on the knife to simulate blood. They say when the father realized the cat was still alive, he forced the knife into his daughter's hand and made her stab the cat.

Police say Collins finally stabbed and strangled the cat himself, and had his son throw the carcass in the trash.

The children, who live with their grandparents, say their father was drunk when he came for a visit. Collins is being held on $40,000 bond on charges of animal cruelty, battery and child neglect.