Red Cross Real Heroes

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Wilson could only watch the accident unfold in front of him., an accident that left one person in a fight for their life.
She was unresponsive, not breathing...started cpr on her...worked on her till the fire department got there," said Wilson. After the accident paramedics took the woman to the hospital.

Wilson said, "She survived for a couple of weeks and her family was able to come down and see her." The woman's family called Wilson to thank him for his actions, actions that gave them the time to say their final goodbyes.

Wilson has worked as a firefighter for 27 years. Wilson says, "I've missed a lot of my kids birthdays, I've missed christmas, I've missed new years eve." Driving the fire engine for the last 19 of those 27 years, Wilson says he wants to make sure his team is taken care of. Wilson says, "I get them there, i get them back, send them home to their wife and kids."