Local Agents Cracking Down on Drug Traffickers at Bus Station

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The Western Colorado Drug Task Force is cracking down on people carrying drugs on the Greyhound Bus lines.

Friday, agents busted Manuel Perez-Alor of Phoenix, AZ, after he looked suspicious carrying a backpack. Perez-Alor was found with a kilo of cocaine, and when agents tried to arrest him, he took them on a short chase. Perez-Alor told agents he was, "getting paid $1,000.00 to deliver the cocaine from Las Vegas to Glenwood Springs." Perez-Alor was arrested and is facing several drugs charges and resisting arrest.

A day before on Thursday, another man, Gary Wilson was arrested for carrying two pounds of marijuana.

About a month ago on February 22, Joshua Trammel of Wisconsin, was arrested after K-9 dogs found he was carrying about eight and a half pounds of marijuana in a suitcase.

The Drug Task Force will continue to have a watchful eye on the Greyhound bus lines and crack down on anyone who thinks they can get away with trafficking drugs.

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