Paige Birgfeld's Family Hopes to Sell Her House, Belongings

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It's been nearly nine months since the disappearance, and now her family says they are ready to sell her Grand Junction home and many of the items in it.

This weekend, the Jennifer and Abby Foundation is holding a garage sale at Paige's house. They say it's been a very emotional weekend for the Birgfeld family, who opted to leave town while many of Paige's items, including clothing, toys, and Pampered Chef products were sold.

The Foundation says the response of the community has been great and that many people said they came to the sale to help the family financially.

But the Birgfeld family and the foundation say by no means does this garage sale mean they are giving up.

"I tell them to keep up the hope because I truly believe she'll be found," said Connie Flukey, head of the Jennifer and Abby Foundation. "Hopefully we will find her and I keep up the hope."

The Jennifer and Abby Foundation says it will resume searching for Paige in about two weeks.

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