Mesa County Partners Group Excited About New Funding

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Saturday morning, members of the Western Colorado Conservation Corps met with State Representative Bernie Buescher to discuss the group's successes and future.

The organization, which is a branch of Mesa County Partners, teaches the community about conserving natural resources and helps LEAP families weatherize their homes.

In 2007, Representative Buescher sponsored a bill that provided funding to the group and others like it. During the meeting, he announced he is going to introduce an extension of that bill in the coming weeks.

Members of the group, which is comprised of mostly young adults, say they're excited by this news and look forward to continuing a program they feel passionate about.

"It's doing really positive things in so many homes in our community," said Corps member Rachel Helmerichs. "It's very rewarding for us because we get to go in and be the answer to some of their problems."

Representative Buescher says he hopes to have the new bill on the House floor by the beginning of April.

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