Representative Buescher Opposes All Paper Ballot Election

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Friday, It was announced that Governor Bill Ritter is urging the State Legislature to spend $11 million on an all paper ballot election.

Representative Buescher says it's a measure he strongly opposes, calling it cumbersome and a throwback to a different century.

He, like many county clerks across the state, argue that an all paper ballot election isn't necessary now that all of the state's electronic voting machines have been recertified.

Representative Buescher, who is the head of the Joint Budget Committee, says this bill also makes it difficult to plan the state's budget and put taxpayer dollars where they need to be spent.

"When there are so many important needs, whether you're talking eduction, health care, whatever, it seems not to be the best way to spend state money," said Representative Buescher.

The bill must make it through the Senate Appropriations Committee before state lawmakers can decide whether it will pass.

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