Furthering Fatherhood

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Today nearly 25 Million children do not live with their fathers and one third of those will not see their fathers at all during the course of a year.

Hilltop has a program to try and curb these numbers, its called “Young Dad’s,” but don’t let the name deceive you, the program is for anyone in a fatherhood role.

The program offers a 12 week class that teaches fathers skills like budgeting money and cooking, it also offers assistance for finding housing or work, and child support enforcement.

Members of the group say while its educational it also provides a great deal of support. Group member Jacob Lee, says of the group, "you get out of it what you put into it, if you just show up and kick back and don't pay attention,
that’s what you’re going to get out of it. But if you go in really wanting to change your life and be a good dad, that's what you’re going to get out.”

Lee has finished his course and hopes to continue working with the program as a mentor.

For more information on this group contact Sam Rascon at (970) 683-2626 or pay Family First a visit at 2897 North Avenue, located behind Mesa County Force Center.

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