More Robot Work in Space Later Today

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Johnson Space Center, Houston (AP) It's robot helping robot later today aboard the international space station.

Astronauts will use one robot arm to attach the giant, new, two-armed machine directly to the orbiting outpost for the first time.

On the third space walk of the Shuttle Endeavour's visit to the station, astronauts added a tool belt and two cameras to the giant robot, named Dextre. The spacewalk ended early this morning.

The 12-foot robot and both of its 11-foot arms have checked out fine so far.

The canadian-built machine cost more than 200 million dollars and is designed to assist spacewalking astronauts and eventually take over some of their jobs.

The spacewalkers also did some other chores. They hooked up a science experiment to the station's Columbus lab and attached spare parts to the station for future use.