McCartney Divorce Ruling Released

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London (AP) Heather Mills has lost her appeal to a british court to keep private the full legal ruling on her divorce from Paul McCartney.

In those documents released today, the judge deciding the settlement describes her as a less-than-candid court witness.

Attorneys for the former Beatle had no objections to the document being made public. The former model had argued that it contains details of her daughter's life that could compromise her security if released.

Mills was awarded a 48.6 million-dollar settlement yesterday. she had been asking for almost 250 million dollars. The judge says in the ruling that the amount she wanted was exorbitant.

He also wrote that Mills' evidence was inconsistent and inaccurate, and that she was a less-than-impressive witness.

Mills was married to McCartney for four years. They have a daughter, Beatrice.