Deadly Storm Disrupts Flights, Forces Flood Evacuations

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Piedmont, mo. (AP) A powerful storm that has brought flooding and gale force winds to the nation's midsection is blamed for at least two deaths. And two other people are missing.

The storm swamped North Texas, disrupting hundreds of flights at Dallas-Fort Worth airport with winds up to 100 miles per hour and generating flooding in a suburb south of Dallas. A teen was swept down a drainage pipe near Dallas.

The National Weather Service posted flood and flash flood warnings from Texas to Ohio, with tornado watches in Texas, Louisiana and arkansas.

Forecasters say some parts of Missouri could get 10 inches of rain or more before the storms stop. About 300 of the 900 homes in Piedmont were evacuated. Dozens of people were rescued by boats.

In Arkansas, authorities searched for a man whose truck was believed to have been swept from a low-water bridge.