Broncos headed to Super Bowl? Predictions drive local businesses

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The Denver Broncos along with fans from around the country and right here in the Valley are now looking ahead to the first home game of the season. Also in the orange and blue cheering section? Local businesses.

For this season ticket holder, the Denver Broncos are back in business. That means Broncos business is back, too, especially with the blue and orange predicted to go far.

"The ‘Orange Crush’ was always something I saw my parents wearing when I was younger," Rocky Tops owner Spencer Pike said. “[It’s the] end of preseason, so we're looking to unleash some new designs."

In the coming weeks, shoppers can expect to see some new Broncos t-shirts in his store’s windows, their words ranging anywhere from “Orange Crush,” to “Manning for President.”

"Business does get a little bit better. We're not the main source for authorized things, but people always have fun ideas and they don't know where to get them done,” Pike said.

Pike and Rocky Tops are expecting to design, print and embroider more Bronco gear for happy fans wanting to express love for the home team. A projected winning season can mean an uptick for other businesses, too, and not just those selling t-shirts. The Team 1340 AM says it's Broncos club level seat giveaway is already off to a hot start.

"We had, I’d say probably record numbers of entries of people trying to get in to win these club level seats," The Team 1340 AM play-by-play caller Greg Wentzel said.

If Denver wins, like many project, listeners are likely to tune and call in more.

"I think we'll see a lot of people coming out of the woodworks, maybe some people we haven't heard from in a while," Wentzel said.

Of course, who wouldn't want to cheer on a winning team with friends?

"Everybody wants to see how Peyton Manning is going to do, and they're coming in to see the new Broncos, basically," Cruisers Bar owner Jon Uren said.

Local bars like Cruisers expect full houses on Sundays, plus it doesn't hurt to watch a game on an 80-inch screen.

"When the Broncos are winning, everybody's having fun. Sales are up. It's a lot better than having a 2-14 team,” Uren said.

Sports Illustrated writer Steve King is predicting the Broncos will fall to the Green Bay Packers this Super Bowl, but what are local businesses thinking?

"Broncos 31, Vikings 3 in the Superbowl," Uren said.

"The Broncos are going to take it, probably 27-24 [over the Packers]," Pike guessed.

Don’t worry if you’re superstitious, Denver fans. It's important to note that King also guessed the two final teams heading to the Super Bowl two years ago. That year, he chose the wrong team to win so maybe that will play out in our favor this season.

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