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Briana Susemihl rarely misses her calculus 2 class. "I usually don't ditch or anything cause i have to go to my math class cause if you fall behind its really hard to keep up," say Susemihl. Her calculus teacher John Sidanycz, would tell you the same. "They're doing sophomore year of college stuff in high school, so it's very demanding," says Sidanycz.

For Susemihl, staying on top of her studies is a way to accomplish her goals. Susemihl says, "I've always wanted to be a doctor... and I kinda decided i wanted to be an engineer instead.")
So Susemihl decided to get the best of both worlds. In the fall she will be attending CSU to study bio–medical engineering.

"I'm really excited yeah. I've lived in grand junction my whole life so it will be a nice change to get out and see what else is out there," says Susemihl. But keeping up with all the work that advanced classes entail comes with a price. "To keep up on my school work and just concentrate more on what I was going to do after high school I had to quit gymnastics," says Susemihl. Susemihl had been competing for 12 years. But through it all Susemihl still keeps a positive attitude.

Sidanycz says of Susemihl, "great kid, lot of fun. She has a great sense of humor, lots of fun to joke around with.")
And with a 3.9 GPA why not have some fun every once in a while?
Susemihl says, "I've worked hard for it all four years."

Susemihl also mentors other students at Central High School and is an NHS member. On her days off she can be found snowboarding at Powderhorn.

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