Gizzards and Livers Being Pulled From Deli Shelves, GJ Not Affected

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Safeway Stores across Colorado are pulling fried chicken livers and chicken gizzards from deli shelves after a voluntary recall from an Alabama firm.

According to Mesa County Health Department Spokesperson Kristy Westerman, the recall does not affect Safeway stores in Grand Junction.

Cagle's Inc is recalling roughly 943,000 pounds of various fresh and frozen poultry giblets.

The poultry was distributed exclusively in Colorado to Safeway Stores. The product is sold at the deli counter. A Safeway rep says they have pulled the product from store shelves.

In November, Cagle's Inc installed new sorting equipment which many have led to improper sorting of edible and inedible chicken parts.

So far there have been no reports of illness.