Single Mother Starting Over After House Fire

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A Grand Junction single mother of four lost everything when a kitchen fire got out of control and destroyed the home she was renting.
Veronica Hernandez says she's glad no one was hurt, but she didn't have insurance and lost all of her things. Now a surprise from a local business may help her rest a little easier.

Veronica Hernandez says she's just thankful to be alive, "It's all a shock."

Hernandez says it was one of the scariest moments of her life when flames started to flare in her house. She says got her four children out and didn't think twice about her things.

"Our stuff wasn't brand new, it was just all the memories we had."

She says since that day just weeks ago it has been tough, "We're trying to piece everything back together little by little but it's hard."

Hernandez is trying to go to school and work while raising four kids, and now she's trying to start over. Wednesday a local business had a surprise in store to help her do just that.

Furniture Junction saw the story in the local news and donated new furniture worth almost $14,000 and $450 worth of gift cards.

Hernandez was completely surprised.

"Thank you we never imagined. I just would be thankful to have a roof over our heads we'll sleep on the floor."

But now she and her kids will be sleeping on beds, eating at a dining room table, putting their donated clothing in dressers, and more.

Sales Manager Jacqueline Brothers said she started crying when she saw Hernandez and her family walk into the store.

Furniture Junction says it's been calling on other businesses in the valley to donate.

"It's good to be able to give back," Brothers said.

Hernandezs says it's more than she could have ever asked for, "This is our second chance at a better life."