Soldier's Mothers Gather for Support

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The Blue Star Mothers is a national organization made up of mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters of those fighting in Iraq. The local chapter held a meeting Wednesday night to commemorate the anniversary.

Wade Oglesby died in the line of duty on April 18th, 2007, his mother Sheila DeCocq keeps his memory alive. She says about her son, "he may not be where we can see him and touch him, but he's not gone." Wade was on his way to the same village his convoy had been protecting for 10 months, when his hummer hit an IED, Wade and another soldier were both killed.

Its every mothers worst nightmare, and that’s where the Blue Stars come in, group member Wendy Hoffman says, "that's part of the idea behind the blue star mothers, if you're outside of that you don't necessarily understand it."

The Blue Star Mothers serve as a support group for each other but for the soldiers fighting to defend our nation, they send care packages to let the soldiers know that people back here care about them and are thankful for their service.

The Blue Star Mothers will be outside of City Market on 1st street April 4th and 5th collecting donations for care packages to send over to troops.

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