Bin Laden Accuses Pope of Leading Anti-Islam Crusade

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Cairo, Egypt (AP) Osama Bin Laden is accusing the pope of helping in a “new crusade” against Islam.

In his latest audio message, bin laden says Pope Benedict played a “large, lengthy role” in an effort against Islam that included cartoons of the prophet Muhammad that were published in Europe.

Bin Laden warned of a “severe” reaction to the cartoons, though he didn't mention a specific action.

The cartoons have been seen by muslims as insulting. And the pope raised widespread anger in 2006 with a speech in which he cited a medieval text that characterized some of Muhammad's teachings as “evil and inhuman.”

Bin laden's latest comments raise concerns that Al-Qaida could be plotting new attacks in europe. Some experts think he may unable to organize an attack by himself, and is instead trying fan anger among supporters to inspire violence.