New York's New Governor Admits to Having Several Affairs

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Albany, N.Y. (AP) New York's new governor David Paterson and his wife Michelle have told reporters that both of them had affairs at a time that their marriage was in trouble.

In a news conference today, Paterson admitted that he had affairs with several women, including a state employee. He insisted that he did not advance the state worker's career, and that he didn't spend campaign money or state money on his affairs.

The governor, who was sworn into office yesterday, added that he does not feel that he has broken his “commitment to the people of New York state.”

Michelle Paige Paterson says they were able to right their marriage by admitting their infidelity and dealing with it “as a family.”

Paterson said he didn't reveal his affairs during the time he was a state senator, senate minority leader or lieutenant governor because no one asked him about them. He says he came forward now because he didn't want the rumors to cloud his governorship.