Deputies Investigate Killing of 30 Bison On Colorado Ranch

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Fairplay, Colo. (AP) The Park County Sheriff says hunters shot and killed about 30 bison and left the carcasses strewn across a Southern Colorado ranch.

Sheriff Fred Wegener said yesterday that deputies are investigating to see whether the shootings were legal.

Wegener says about a dozen hunters told investigators they had permission to kill the animals, and some had taken bison meat.

He says deputies were trying to reach the landowner to verify the claim and to find out who owned the bison.

Wegener says the hunters were released after questioning. He declined to identify them or the landowner.

The bison were killed about 60 miles southwest of Denver. authorities said a 9-1-1 caller reported Wednesday that someone was gunning down the animals, but Wegener said it appears they were shot over several days.