Philippine Devotees Nailed to The Cross in Good Friday Rites

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San Fernando, Philippines (AP) It's a Good Friday ritual that the Roman Catholic Church frowns on: penitents nailing themselves to crosses.

It's happening today in the Philippines, which is the largest predominantly Roman Catholic nation in Asia.

Thirty men are undergoing the ritual in three villages in one northern province. Five devotees, including a woman, were nailed to crosses in another.

People who do it say it's a sign of devotion. Some hope it will lead to a cure for illness. Others do it to fulfill a vow.

Fernando Mamangon had himself nailed to a cross today for the 13th time, honoring his father, who was nailed to a cross 15 times.

Mamagon also says it makes him “feel so refreshed,” as though all his sins were washed away.

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