State Department Says Passport Files of 3 Candidates Breached

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State Department (AP) The State Department says the passport files of all three presidential candidates have been breached.

Spokesman Sean McCormack says the breaches of John McCain and Hillary Rodham Clinton’s files were not discovered until the privacy breach involving Barack Obama's records triggered a search.

The Obama breach was detected by internal computer checks. The State Department says certain records, including those of high-profile people, are electronically flagged to tip off supervisors if somebody tries to view the records without authorization.

McCormack says the same contract employee who was reprimanded for taking an unauthorized look at Obama's file also accessed McCain’s. Two other contract workers have been fired over the Obama incident.

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice spoken with Obama and Clinton to apologize.

McCain is in Paris. He says any breach of privacy deserves an apology and a “full investigation.” The State Department's Inspector General is conducting one.

Barack Obama says he wants a congressional inquiry into the breach of passport files at state department. Obama says congress needs to be involved so it's not just an internal investigation. He says the privacy violations are a problem not just for him but for how government functions.

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