Bikers Band Together To Help Local Firefighter

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A firefighters motorcycle group and other bikers from across the Grand Valley put a different spin on a popular activity to help a local firefighter battling leukemia.

Saturday, The Fire & Iron Motorcycle Club held a biker's scavenger hunt to raise money for Grand Junction firefighter Chris Bryson. Each biker donated twenty dollars, then rode off on a photo hunt across the Grand Valley.

They were each given a list of things like statues, fire stations, and a purple house that they had to take their picture with.

Organizers say they were overwhelmed by the turnout and hope this support will really help their friend battle through the fight of his life.

"He's taken this really well and he's going to fight this," said Traci Dixon of the Fire & Iron Club.

The group also held a raffle later in the day.

If you would like to help Bryson and his family, a fund has been set up in his name at the Grand Junction Federal Credit Union.

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