Al-Qaida Number-Two Calls for New Attacks

Awakening council members, a Sunni group fighting al-Qaida, stand around a vehicle carrying the bodies of six of their comrades killed in a U.S. airstrike near Samarra, Iraq, Saturday, March 22, 2008. Police say a U.S. airstrike has struck checkpoints manned by U.S.-allied Sunni fighters north of Baghdad, killing six guards and wounding two. A police officer says the six members of the so-called awakening council were killed and two others were wounded when an airstrike hit two checkpoints about 100 meters (yards) apart. A local awakening council leader says the airstrikes came some two hours after U.S. soldiers stopped at the two checkpoints to meet with the Sunni fighters. (AP Photo/Hameed Rasheed)
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Cairo, Egypt (AP) According to a new audiotape, Al-Qaida's number-two man is calling on Muslims to avenge Israel's recent offensive in the Gaza strip with attacks on israeli and american interests.

The four-minute tape with a voice that sounds like Ayman Al-Zawahri accuses Egypt's president of helping Israel in the offensive by sealing off the border between Egypt and Gaza.

He calls on muslims to “strike the interests of the Jews, the Americans, and all of those who participated in the attack on the Muslims.” and he says attacks should not be limited to areas in Israel or the Palestinian territories.

The tape was posted on at least two web sites, including one commonly used by Al-Qaida.