Social security and Medicare Trustees Providing Update

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Social security and Medicare Trustees Providing Update on
Finances of Benefit Programs

Washington (AP) More debate over Social Security and Medicare could be ignited today when the annual assessment of the fiscal health of the government benefit programs is released.

Only small changes are expected in the estimates made last year on when both funds will be out of money.

The last report put the date for when Social Security would exhaust its trust fund resources at 2041 with the same date for Medicare put much sooner at 2019. Medicare is facing much more imminent problems because of soaring health care costs.

Congressional Democrats and the White House will likely try to use the report to score political points, but movement on the issue is likely to be stalled until a new president takes over.

The programs figure to get a lot of attention in this year's presidential campaign with retirement looming for 78 million baby boomers.