Settlement Proposed to Va. Tech Families

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Richmond, Va. (AP) The families of those killed in the Virginia Tech massacre would receive $100,000 each under a settlement the state is proposing to prevent lawsuits.

Families have until the end of the month to respond.

The proposal would also provide medical and counseling expenses to the families of the 32 killed and dozens of surviving victims. That's according to a person who asked to remain anonymous because those involved were told not to discuss the settlement.

Families would also have the opportunity to question the governor and university officials about the shootings

Seung-Hui Cho, a mentally disturbed student, killed the 32 victims and wounded several others at Virginia Tech on April 16th before committing suicide.

So far at least 20 families have filed notice with the state they may sue. They have until April 16th to make such filings. The lawyer for the family of one slain student says his clients “are pretty unhappy” with the proposal.