Crisis and Reform; a look at Colorado's Heath Care

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According to a new report one person dies each day in Colorado because they don't have health insurance, that was the focus tonight as various community and state organizations came together.

Four panelists spoke in a discussion on Colorado health care reform,
Panelists were Steve Hurd director of the Marillac Clinic, Jake Williams from the nations largest health care union, Dr. Richard Gingery, and Reeves Brown, executive director of Club 20.

The goal of the meeting was to spark discussion on health care reform and change. Steve Hurd says, "that can only come from dialog and people understanding what the issues are and being able to advocate for fairness in the system. The Marillac Clinic provides health care to those who don't qualify for government provided health care, and can't get an affordable premium through an employer.

Jake Williams says America needs to put more focus on prevention, because that will reduce costs and result in overall better health. A study done by the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences says that people without health insurance will forgo checkups and other preventative measures, that leads to the diagnosis of a disease when its in its latest, and many times fatal stages. Hurd says, "people who don't have health insurance die at a much younger age than people who do have insurance."

Dr. Gingery presented on a program he calls “Health Care For All Of Colorado,” and his concept is a health care system using a public trust as a single payer. Brown laid out Club 20's Health Care Committee's Comprehensive Health Care Reform Proposal, which includes providing essential health care to everyone in Colorado and decreasing uncompensated care and its costs.

After the discussion wrapped up the audience wrote letters to elected officials on their personal opinions and ideas for health care reform.

The panelists all have different idea's on how to improve health care in Colorado and America, they agree that our system doesn't need another band–aid but rather serious surgery.

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