Bush to Meet With Joint Chiefs at Pentagon on Iraq

A U.S. soldier stands guard by a damaged store after a rocket landed in central Baghdad, Iraq, Sunday, March 23, 2008. At least one person was injured in the blast. (AP Photo/Hadi Mizban)
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White House (AP) President Bush will be at the Pentagon today to discuss the next moves in Iraq with the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The session comes two weeks before Iraq commander general David Petraeus) and Ambassador Ryan Crocker deliver their
latest report to congress.

The president spoke with Petraeus and Crocker via video link yesterday. Petraeus is urging a pause in withdrawals to assess the results of the troop surge. White House Spokeswoman Dana Perino says it's important that security gains over the past year aren't erased by bringing troops home too quickly.

The joint chiefs meeting also comes amid new fighting in Southern Iraq, where Iraqi troops have begun an offensive against Shiite militias, and word of the 4,000th U.S. death in the conflict.