Astronauts Ready Ship for Ride Home

In a photo provided by NASA, the STS-123 crew on Sunday March 23, 2008, onboard the international space station pose for an in-space crew portrait on the last fulle day on the International Space Station. Clockwise from the lower right corner are astronauts Dominic Gorie, commander; Robert L. Behnken and Rick Linnehan, both mission specialists; Gregory H. Johnson, pilot; and Mike Foreman and JAXA's Takao Doi, both mission specialists. Shuttle Endeavor left the space station on Monday and is due back on Easth Wednesday. (AP Photo/ho/NASA)
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Johnson Space Center, Houston (AP) The weather is looking favorable for the Space Shuttle Endeavour to return home to Florida tonight as scheduled.

Shuttle Commander Dominic Gorie says the spaceship's in “great shape” and the crew is “looking forward” to returning.

The shuttle will be coming home much lighter than when it blasted into orbit on March 11th.

Astronauts dropped off the first section of Japan's Kibo lab at The International Space Station. The rest of the lab will be delivered in May. The crew also took a gigantic handyman robot to the orbiting facility and assembled it during several spacewalks.

The 12-day visit to the station was the longest-ever for a shuttle.