Flushing Of Alamosa's Municipal Water System Begins

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Alamosa, Colo. (AP) Crews in Alamosa started pumping high concentrations of chlorine into the city's water system yesterday to rid it of salmonella bacteria that has sickened nearly 250 people.

Schools are closed because of the outbreak.

The Colorado National Guard and volunteers went door to door yesterday distributing red fliers notifying people not to use tap water for anything but flushing toilets.

City and state experts haven't pinpointed the source of the contamination, but lab tests have confirmed that the water has made people ill.

Water distribution centers have been set up throughout town, but residents were unsure they would be able to stay in their homes while the system was disinfected.

Mayor pro tem Kathy Rogers said there were plans to bring in temporary showers if necessary, but city officials hoped the water would be all right for bathing within a couple days.

It's expected to be a couple weeks before people can drink the water. Neighboring communities, businesses and the National Guard have brought in bottled water and tankers