Judge to Review Prosecutors' Pay in Inmate Death Penalty Case

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Hugo, Colo. (AP) A judge says he will review the way a district attorney's office is being reimbursed by the state prison system to prosecute a death penalty case against two inmates.

Attorneys for one of the men have questioned whether it's legal for the department of corrections to pay District Attorney Carol Chambers' office to prosecute their client.

They're seeking to have her removed from the case and replaced by a special prosecutor, citing the funding issue and alleged conflicts of interest.

Chambers says state law allows the Department Of Corrections to reimburse her office to prosecute prison crimes.

Thirty-year-old Alejandro Perez and 44-year-old David Bueno are charged with first-degree murder in the 2004 death of Jeffrey Heird at the Limon correctional facility.

Prosecutors say Heird was stabbed 29 times after he was labeled a snitch and accused of not warning other inmates that a drug bust was coming.

Perez's attorneys are challenging the way Chambers' office is being paid.