One-Time Bitter Rivals, Mccain, Romney Campaign Together

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John McCain at stops in Colorado and Utah got some help Thursday from one of his former rivals for the Republican presidential nomination

Mitt Romney is making his first campaign swing with the presumed GOP nominee. Romney and McCain attended fundraisers in Denver and Salt Lake City. It was their first campaign swing since Romney’s withdrawal from the presidential race in February.

In Salt Lake City the two were joined by Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman, an early McCain supporter whose name has been mentioned as a potential vice presidential pick. Romney has also been mentioned as a possible vice presidential pick, but McCain wouldn't say if either is under consideration.

McCain is looking to raise money during a weeklong swing through the west. Attendance at a roundtable discussion with McCain in downtown Denver costs $25,000 per person. Having a picture taken with the likely Republican nominee costs $2,300, and a general reception is $1,000 per person. Romney is popular in Utah, having won about 90 percent of the state's GOP primary.

Since Romney's withdrawal, McCain has praised him repeatedly as someone who will continue playing a large role in the GOP. Romney has suggested that he'd accept the number two spot on McCain’s ticket.

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