Lacrosse Players Rescued from Overstuffed Elevator

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Lacrosse players from a front range high school had a night to remember in a Horizon Drive hotel, but an embarrassing one that they might want to forget.

After loading 18 people into the elevator at the Quality Inn on Horizon Drive, the elevator refused to move.

When the police and fire arrived it was reminiscent of a clown car at the circus, 18 players and coaches in an elevator designed to hold five.

“We didn't realize how many people were in there at first, and then we got stuck at the first floor and we didn't move,” says Shawn Donovan, a member of the Ponderosa High School Lacrosse Team.

They were all stuck for about an hour until the Grand Junction Fire Department helped rescue the team. Players had to climb through the maintenance hatch on the roof of the elevator.

The fire department says that elevator is currently out of order as it was damaged because of excess weight.

There are no reported injuries.