Lawmakers Fight Over $1.5 Million Roads or Community College

Colorado Senate Chamber
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Denver (AP) Senators are considering whether they should take $1.5 million the state planned to spend on road construction to provide more money for renewable energy programs at community colleges.

The house voted to move the money to the community colleges in voting to approve the state's proposed $17.6 billion budget last week.

Democratic Sen. Abel tapia, of Pueblo, says he will fight to keep the money in the budget as the senate debates the budget this week.

The road money had been set aside for a second year of construction and environmental cleanup work on Colorado 119 and Colorado 6 which lead to the gambling towns of Central City and Black Hawk.

Rhonda Bentz, a Spokeswoman for the Colorado Community College System, says the money would help schools hire people to teach students the skills they need to work in ethanol plants or to maintain and repair wind turbines used in wind farms.

State colleges and universities would get $63 million more than they did last year in the proposed budget.