Fifteen Charged in Theft-To-Order Ring

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YYoungstown, Ohio (AP) Fifteen suspects are due in court in Youngstown, Ohio, today to face charges in a theft-to-order ring.

Police say the thieves ran their operation for more than a year and a-half, often selling goods at discounts of up to 85 percent. There were things like big-screen TVs, riding mowers and even frozen food.

A 68-count grand jury indictment includes charges of racketeering, breaking-and-entering and receiving stolen property.

Police have recovered about $400,000 worth of the stolen goods from more than 125 burglaries. And they've been getting calls from people who want to turn in goods they think may have been stolen.

Police say those who cooperate may get lenient treatment.

Still, one man charged with receiving a stolen motorcycle will fight in court to keep it.