Riverside Parkway Could be Finished this Summer

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The Riverside Parkway Project began in the fall of 2005. The project costs 68 million and is scheduled for completion in November of this year. However, project manager Jim Shanks says it could be finished as early as this summer.

Tuesday crews were on the 25 Road and 6 & 50 intersection installing new traffic lights prompting some people to wonder how soon the bridge may be open.

Shanks says the bridge is 90 percent completed. $6 million of construction is left on the Riverside Parkway project, says Shanks, $2.5 million of that is for asphalt, which will be laid in the summer. However, if the 25 road bridge is finished early it may be opened to motorists before the rest of the project is completed.

Shanks says the project will alleviate traffic in many different areas, including First and Grand, Fourth and Fifth and Pitkin and in front of the Rimrock Walmart. Shanks says projected traffic numbers suggest the 25 Road bridge could see 15,000 cars per day.

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