Update: Baby of Slain Woman Taken Off Life Support and Dies

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A man accused of killing his pregnant girlfriend is facing multiple charges including first degree murder. Tuesday he made his first court appearance. Her baby lived for more than a day before she was taken off of life support and died 15 minutes later.

Lonnie Herrera is facing multiple charges including first degree murder in the death of his girlfriend Anna Macias. Macias was 8 1/2 months pregnant when Herrera allegedly shot her. The victim's family tells 11 NEWS Maria was born by an emergency c-section. The family had wanted to wait till Friday before choosing weather or not to remove baby Maria from life support. On Tuesday night Baby Maria was removed from life support and died.

On Tuesday District Attorney Pete Hautzinger says that if the baby died Herrera could be facing two murder charges. Hautzinger says if the baby passes away he would only prosecute Herrera for her death if the coroner rules it as a homicide. As of Wednesday afternoon, the coroner has not yet completed the autopsy.

Hautzinger adds that would be the second time an infant has died in Mesa County because of a criminal act on the mother and its impact may be felt all the way at the Capitol.

A memorial has been set up for Macias where she was killed Sunday night. People have been writing messages and putting up flowers in her memory.

Her family says she was loved by all that knew her.

Herrera's bond is set at $2 million. He's also facing charges of child abuse because two of Macias's kids were with her when Herrera shot her.

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